Coronavirus in Italian: useful words and phrases

Coronavirus in Italian

In 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide. In order to contain contagion, it is necessary to follow some simple rules that will last until a safe vaccine is available.

If you are an Italian learner, to know some words and phrases about Coronavirus can be useful to expand your vocabulary. In this article you will find some common terms related to Coronavirus:

E’ obbligatorio l’uso della mascherina– It is mandatory to use face masks. It is very common to find these words at the entrance of almost every place opened to public.

Mantenere la distanza di almeno un metro– Keep a distance of at least one meter. Like the previous one, you can find this rule nearly everywhere.

Lavati le mani– Wash your hands.

Distanziamento Sociale– Social Distancing.

Quarantena– Quarantine. It is the period a person with symptoms or that was exposed or potentially exposed to the virus must stay isolated.

Restate a casa-Stay home. For encouraging social distancing, the Italian Government launched the campaign “Io resto a casa” that means I stay home. It was very popular on social networks during the lockdown when many people held up banners with the words “Andrà tutto bene” (It will be alright) for hope and wish for the future.

Misurazione della temperatura obbligatoria– Mandatory temperature measurement. Yor temperature could be measured before entering into buildings as museums or offices. In this case, people with a temperature higher than 37.5 °C will not be allowed to come in.

Focolaio-Outbreak. It is a medical term for indicating a circumscribed area where the virus is spread more than expected.

As you can see, learning words and phrases related to Coronavirus in Italian is not difficult.

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