Korean Alphabet: Learn in Chunks

Korean alphabet

Korean Alphabet: Learn in Chunks

One of my first teaching jobs was at Sejong University in Seoul as an English instructor. The university is run by the Sejong Foundation, in his honor.

King Sejong was an amazing scholar. He worked with a team to create a writing system that was easy-to-read. As a result, Korean script is incredibly accessible.

Every morning on the way to work, I used to study the names of the stops on the subways. Korean was bold with the English underneath. It didn’t take long to uncover the patterns to learn to read.

This week, I am inviting you to start learning the Korean alphabet through the functional theme of the airport. Take a look at the English and Korean and try to uncover any patterns you might find.


At the airport공항에서 gonghang- eseo

How many bags are you checking? 가방은 몇 개 부치시겠습니까? gabang-eun myeotgae buchi- sige-seumnikka?  

You need to check this bag. 이 가방은 부쳐야 됩니다. i gabang-eun bucheoya doemnida 

There is a fee for this. 이것은 요금을 내야 합니다. igeoseun yogeumeul naeya hamnida 

Passport, please. 여권 좀 보여주세요. yeokkwon jom boyeo juseyo 

I would like a window seat. 창가쪽 자리 부탁합니다. changga-jjok jari butak-hamnida  

I would like an aisle seat. 통로쪽 자리 부탁합니다. tongno-jjok jari butak-hamnida 

Pass through. 이곳을 통과하세요. Igoseul tonggwa- haseyo 

Hands up, please. 손을 올리세요. soneul oliseyo 

Place laptop and keys here, please. 노트북과 열쇠는 여기 두세요. notebukgwa yeolsoeneun yeogi duseyo  

Do you have a clear plastic bag? 비닐 봉지 하나 있어요? binil bongji hana isseoyo 

Have a good trip. 즐거운 여행 되세요. Jeulgeoun yeohaeng doeseyo 

This link has a guide with survival tasks and links to audio file podcasts. These podcasts are not traditional. They are bite-sized files of language in chunks. Use them to create your own playlists. Play, listen, repeat, and learn. Once you have enough of these chunks, you’ll start making your own sentences with what you’ve learned.

Looking to check out the podcast? https://reallifelanguage.lpages.co/korean-for-travel-and-beginners-podcast/

Want to free guide with linked audio? https://reallifelanguage.lpages.co/korean-for-travel-and-beginners-phrasebook/

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