Learn how to speak French in 2023 | fluency recording + tips

Learn how to speak French: get fluent

Learn how to speak fluent French this year. Looking to get to the intermediate level? Listen to my journey through Intermediate/B level French in 5-week intervals.

Do this for yourself from anywhere in the world to get fluent fast!

1. Listen to the video and read the captions.

In this video, I talked about my last week studying French in Paris at a private language school.

2. Read the translation if needed to understand the content.

3. Bullet point out your talk. I talked about everything I did over the week in Paris. Consider a topic you’d like to develop your fluency in and make notes.

Record yourself for a set amount of time. Video is great, but if that is something that makes you uncomfortable, something simple like Voice Memos works perfectly. This will provide you with a great record of your progress. The recordings can also serve as great ways to get feedback from native speakers.

These also serve as great ways to fill in gaps in your knowledge. Did you not know something? Find out what it was.

We live in the most exciting time to learn a language, and it is getting more exciting every day. If you want to master another language, I share my framework for learning any language in this free masterclass here. Grab your spot here Masterclass

Knowing French better: Conversations for Beginners

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