Summer and Languages

Languages and Summer

Welcome to the 5-Week Linguist Show. We will talk about the summer and languages during the pandemic and some practical ways to learn a language.

[0:42] What the pandemic changed in Janina

[1:14] What Janina needs to fill her cup

[1:52] Janina’s summer and languages; study

[1:59] Why it’s called the 5-Week Linguist Show

[2:55] Studying language helps Janina keep fresh

[3:19] Janina’s plans for last summer

[3:34] What Janina is going to talk about for the next five weeks

[4:24] Janina’s past 5-week plans

[4:57] What you can do for the next five weeks

[6:03] Practical ways to learn a language this summer

[6:59] Double Duty

[7:21] A Productive way to use your commute

[7:57] Making your own sentences

[9:40] What Janina will talk about next week

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