Clothing in French: Conversations for Beginners

Learn French to shop at a department store. Learn French to shop at a department store.

Clothing in French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 4 Episode 1. We’ll learn about French clothing and department stores.

Let’s talk about shopping in a smaller city in France. There are some shopping centers, but you can find small independent ones, too. Tonight, we’ll talk about how to shop at a big department store where you can buy cosmetics, things for your home, furniture, clothing, a huge range of items and brands. We’ll run a scenario with a salesperson and an American shopping.

(03:20) Dialogue shopping at the department store.

(04:00) Breaking down that dialogue: Hello, ma’am. I’m looking for a sweater. “Oh yes, ma’am. What size do you take?” It’s not for me. A 42, I think. “Very good. Which color?” I don’t know. Let’s see. A blue, perhaps. Yes, a light blue, like this one here. “Oh yes, it’s very pretty.” How much does it cost? “Fifty euros.” It’s a little bit too expensive. “All right, go to the next rack.” Oh good. I thank you, ma’am.

(06:08) Let’s review words and phrases people might need to know to go shopping in France to buy clothes. How much is it? Cash. Credit card.

(07:45) Discussion about clothing sizes, British vs. U.S. sizes. You can get up to size 44 before needing to go to a plus size shop. There big sales during the year in July, after Christmas, and in February. More discussions about obscure stores as well as well-known ones.

(09:45) Reviewing names of common items of clothing. Sweater. T-shirt (said the same). Shirt. Hat. Jacket. Dress. Suit. Bathing suit. Pants/trousers. Belt. Shoes. Socks. A tie. Jeans. Underwear. Bra. Skirt.

(11:45) The big words and phrases we discussed this episode: I’m looking for… Sweater. A size. Do you need…? In what color? Light blue. As, or like. This one. Pretty. Two. Department/rack/section. They have. To have. On sale. I thank you.

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