Levels of Language Proficiency: Self-assessment Workbook

Levels of language proficiency

Levels of language proficiency: self-assessment workbook

Learning how to assess language proficiency levels is a great way to set realistic goals and meet them.

Do you want to learn a new language, or improve your skills in a language you have some experience in? How do you fit language learning into your already busy life? How do you measure your progress? How do you set realistic and measurable goals? Do the exercises in this workbook to help you assess your own skills and set goals. These exercises work for any language. They can tell you exactly where you are right now and can provide a framework for your next steps. 

About Me 

My name is Janina Klimas and I hold a BA in Theater Arts and Foreign Languages and an MA in the Teaching of Languages. I hold certifications to Spanish, language immersion, middle and high school English, English as a second language, reading and kindergarten and am currently completing my certification to teach French. I have taught languages for more than two decades on three continents. I have taught beginner, intermediate and advanced learners in both school (K-12), private settings and at the university level, where I served as coordinator of a language immersion program in addition to my university classes. I am a certified language proficiency rater with experience in multiple languages. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help learners set and reach their goals. I have presented to language teachers at the ACTFL annual conference, at the BETT show in London, Language Show Live in London and for school districts. My work has been published in ACTFL’s The Language Educator and Fluent in Three Months as well. 

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Or click here: https://reallifelanguage.lpages.co/self-assessment-workbook/

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