Audio Lesson in Spanish: Week Two Conversation One


Audio Lessons in Spanish

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Episode Summary

In this conversation for advanced learners of Spanish, you will learn vocabulary and grammar (all in context) to talk about life and culture in Chile. You will meet Pablo from Chile. Pablo is a passionate teacher and student of languages. He lives in China.

First, our guest, Pablo, will tell us about her family and family life on a broader scale in Chile. He will tell us about food in his country, holidays and celebrations. Get the perspective of how people live in Chile, how they spend their leisure time, the economy and work, and more from a native.

Essential words and phrases to understand this audio lesson in Spanish:

cercana: close

digamos: let’s say

diría: I would say

Semana Santa: Week of Easter

tres ferias a la semana: three celebrations a week

Santiago pertenece a la parte central: Santiago belongs to the central part

sino porque: but rather because

queda: it is

cordillera: mountain range

podría: could be

expulsado: expelled

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