French for hello

French for hello is a simple easy word that can open you up to French people and culture.

Communication is the key to becoming fluent and confident in a language fast. Concentrate on meaningful words and phrases to learn a language. This is called chunking. 

Check out these chunks to get speaking French quickly:

Bonjour. Good morning.
Bon après-midi. Good afternoon.
Bonne soirée. Good evening.
Au revoir. Goodbye.
À bientôt. See you later.
Je n’ai pas compris. I don’t understand.
Parlez-vous anglais ? Do you speak English?
J’ai été heureux de faire votre connaissance. It was nice to see you.
Comment vous appelez-vous ? What’s your name?
Je m’appelle …….. My name is……..
Comment allez-vous ? How are you?
Pas trop mal. So- so.
Vous vous sentez bien? Are you all right?
D’où venez-vous? Where are you from?
Enchanté. It’s nice to meet you.
Moi de même. Likewise.
Où habitez-vous ? Where do you live ?
J’habite à ______________. I live in______________.

Are you looking for some more resources to learn French? Check out the guides and crosswords.

Guides, flashcards and crossword puzzles

Over the years, I have learned to master a language in 5-week intervals. Check out French 2018 here.

I have also compiled some resources to learn French. Get yours here:

Looking for more words and phrases to get speaking French? Check out the downloadable guide here:

Want to create your own playlists? Check out the podcast here.

This link has a guide with survival tasks and links to audio file podcasts. These podcasts are not traditional. They are bite-sized files of language in chunks. Use them to create your own playlists.

Play, listen, repeat, and learn. Once you have enough of these chunks, you’ll start making your own sentences with what you’ve learned. in no time, you’ll be able to say much more than hello in French!

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