Fun Speaking Activity: Hotel Complaints

Welcome to Five-Week Linguist Show. We will talk about how using Hotel Complaints can help you practice learning a new language.

(0:22) – a fun activity for people learning to make complaints politely in a foreign language.

(0:37) It practices lower–level language like greetings, time, and numbers.

Creating Scenario in Hotel Setting

(00:56) You can use any plastic animals or toys to portray in a hotel setting.

(01:24) There are two roles, the guest and the receptionist.

(01:32) For the guest, greet the person at reception in a culturally appropriate way and provide your details.

(02:15) The receptionist greets the customer and addresses the issue if they have complaints.

(02:52) The problem needs to be resolved by the end of the dramatization

(03:40) Dramatization gets lots of real-life practice.

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