Language Card Games

Welcome to The 5-Week Linguist Show. In this episode, we will talk about 5 card games.

[00:04] Card games are a fantastic way to get people learning, reading, and speaking new languages.

[00:32] The First Game is called How Do you say….?

[01:30] To make it like a bit of a game, you can put students in pairs of two and two to play against each other.

[02:15] It’s a significant change of pace, and it gets everybody working together. And it gets everybody talking, and it’s an effective little brain boost for your vocabulary.

[02:27] I play target language music, and I tell them to talk to someone until I tell them to change.

[02:43] it forces people to interact that may not interact otherwise.

[03:03] The next game is called Go Fish.

[04:18] Everyone has theirs seems that everyone has their way of playing Go Fish do whatever works for you. But the whole point is to get them talking, talking, talking.

[05:44] You can recycle so much grammar there. You can make it easy or complicated, like question-answer pairs matching.

[05:55] Another great fun thing you can do with the same Go Fish cards and your How do you say…? cards is that you can play concentration in the old classic, but fun.

[06:35] Another game is called War.

[06:45] This is an enjoyable game to do something like playing big numbers with. It’s a significant change of pace, and if you’ve got a few minutes at the end of class, you might have a lot of index cards with just random big numbers on them.

[07:20] It’s great speaking practice and you can do this also with subjects and verbs.

[07:45] The last card game is called “password.”

[07:51] It’s interesting to do on your own too, and it’s a great brain booster.

[08:30] You describe it and talk about it until you get to the correct meaning.

[09:21] It could be any set of vocabulary, and they have to describe it.

[09:53] You can set a timer for the game

[09:55] Lots of different little games around you can do little groups, small teams. So much fun; there’s lots of speaking and vocabulary learning going on.

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