5 More Weeks of Fun 2

Welcome to the 5 Week Linguist Show. In this episode, Janina discusses more fun in the language classroom. She shares low-tech, effective, no prep, and fun activities that you can use in language learning.

[1:02] Using Flashcards for Fun Visual Activities

[2:07] Activity #1: Go Fish

[2:26] Mechanics of Go Fish

[4:53] Activity #2: Memory Concentration

[5:14] Mechanics of Memory Concentration

[5:49] Activity #3: Posting Big Pieces of Paper (Several Things)

[6:13] What you are doing in Posting Big Pieces of Paper

[7:00] Most Powerful Activity: Doodles

[8:52] How to use Drawings to Progress in Language Learning

[9:03] Activity 4: Storyboards

[9:33] How Filmmakers use Storyboards

[10:34] Using Storyboards with Difficult Reading

[11:07] Paper Plates and Clocks

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The 5-Week Linguist Show

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