Novice to Intermediate: Going from A to B

Novice to Intermediate

Welcome to the Five-Week Linguist Show! Today, we will discuss how to move from Novice A to Intermediate B in terms of your language fluency, improving your language fluency, and the tools you can utilize. 

(00:47) – Quick Review of the Path to Fluency

(01:34) – “A task is just something we do in a language.”

(02:04) – Tasks’ Linguistic Designations

(02:47) – Novice Level: Start with nothing

(02:56) – Intermediate Level: Choppy phrases and sentences

(03:11) – Advanced Level: Refined and stronger paragraphs

(04:14) – Use of Speech Bubble

(04:54) – Weak Languages

(05:41) – How to improve your fluency?

(05:56) – The quickest way to improve

(06:59) – Using Language for Travel

(08:43) – Vocabulary Columns

(09:40) – Gold List Method

(10:31) – The Pimsleur App

(11:28) – “Teachers are super sympathetic.”

(12:17) – Acquiring language

(12:38) – Accelerating the acquisition process

(13:09) – Moving quickly between levels

(14:15) – Meeting with the tutors

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