Language Apps

Language Apps

Welcome to The Five-week Linguist Show. We’re going to talking about language learning during the summer and the apps that can help you accelerate your progress on language learning.

(0:38) – Hacks to learn languages anywhere

(1:18) – There are alternate ways to learn languages during the summer when you can’t travel

(1:47) – App number one – Pimsleur

(2:02) – Pimsleur is $19 a month

(3:38) – To advance in language, you need to do a lot of reading to get up to those upper levels

(3:54) – The Japanese newspapers have four different writing systems in it

(4:02) – in the United States, most newspapers are written to a fourth grade level because they’re meant to be accessible to everybody

(4:31) – App number two – Podcasts Apps like Spotify

(5:23) – App number three – Skype or anything that allows you to connect

(6:47) – Any tools that allow you to basically video conference and record will work absolutely

(7:34) – App number four – Voice memos or anything that you can record yourself

(7:45) – To accelerate your progress, talk to a native speaker. That’s the way to make fast progress

(8:16) – Another way to accelerate your progress is to document yourself

(8:34) – Regularly recording yourself is awkward as this will feel at first but it is really powerful

(9:06) – You don’t have to listen to yourself. Listen to yourself in a year and watch your progress

(9:47) – Whatever voice app you want to use will really help

(10:21) – With a simple phone, you can make so much progress

(10:27) – What are you going to do over the next five weeks for language learning?

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