Italian for Love and Dating

Italian for love and dating

Learn Italian for love and dating today.

Welcome to this guide about love and dating in Italian. Learn and practice how to ask for a date, make compliments, know different types of dates, chat and much more. Buona lettura!


Ciao – Hello 

Piacere di conoscerti- Nice to meet you 

Sei bellissima- you are beautiful

Qual è il tuo libro/film preferito? – What’s your favourite book/movie?

Che musica ascolti?- What kind of music do you like?

Di dove sei?- Where are you from?

Abbiamo molte cose in comune- We have so many things in common

Mi piace il tuo vestito- I like your dress

Ti sta molto bene- It fits you very well

Sei molto elegante-  You are very elegant

Sei l’amore della mia vita- You are the love of my life

grazie, sei molto dolce- Thank you, you are so sweet

Sono lusingata- I’m flattered

Ask for a date and schedule

Mi piacerebbe uscire con te- I would like to go out with you.

Puoi passare a prendermi o ci vediamo là?- Can you come by and pick me up or should we meet there?

Passo a prenderti verso le-I will come to pick you up.

Che fai stasera?- What are you doing this evening?

Ti piacerebbe fare una passeggiata?- Would you like to go for a walk?

Vuoi venire ?- Do you want to come?

Passa da me- Come to my place.

A che ora ci vediamo?- What time do we meet?

Ci vediamo domani- See you tomorrow.

Ti andrebbe di prendere un aperitivo?- Would you like to have an aperitive?

Dove ci vediamo?- Where do we meet?

The aperitive

The aperive is a great idea for a first date because it is informal and not very expensive. If the date is a disaster, you can escape with the excuse of other plans for the evening or spend time with the other person drinking or eating. The aperitive can extend to dinner if it is going well, too.

The time for the aperitive is generally from 18.00 to 20.00. It is made up of drinks (alcoholic or not alcoholic) and food. According to the place, you can have:


meals (buffet table)

olive- olives                                                                             

pasta- pasta                                                                         

pistacchi- pistachios                                                               

riso- rice

arachidi- peanuts                                                                   

couscous- couscous

patatine- crisps                                                                        

verdure grigliate- grilled vegetables

alcolici- Alcoholic drink

alcolici-Alcoholic drink

vino bianco- white wine

vino rosso- red wine

birra- beer


bevande non alcoliche- No alcoholic drink

succo di frutta- fruit juice

cocktail a base di frutta- fruit based cocktail

Vuoi un bicchiere di vino?- Would you like a glass of wine?

Vuoi bere qualcosa?- Would you like something to drink?

Sì certo- Yes, of course!\n

Vorrei un bicchiere di vino bianco, per favore- I would like a glass of white wine, please.

Talk about a Relationship

Ragazzo- boyfriend

Ragazza- girlfriend

Fidanzato/a –  exclusive relation/(many people use fidanzato/a for boyfriend/girlfriend for a serious relationship

Sto con…- I am with… (not necessarily exclusive)

Fidanzato/a ufficiale- engaged\n

Sto uscendo con…- I am going out with…

Frequentare- hang out/ spend time with

Ci frequentiamo.- We are seeing each other.

Innamorarsi- to fall in love

Sono innamorato di te.- I’m in love with you.

Ti amo.- I love you

Ti voglio baciare.- I want to kiss you.

Non ci conosciamo abbastanza- We don’t know each other very well.

Virtual Dating

Dating apps are becoming more popular than the past. With social networks and technology, it is easier to find the perfect person for you, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you on Facebook. If you are interested in finding an Italian partner, you should check out these apps







General rules for dating in Italy

For Italians, being late is very common, especially for girls. If you scheduled a date, you could wait for 10-15 or even 30 minutes.

Gender roles are more defined than in other European countries. Usually the boy or man invites the girl or woman,  decides the place (maybe a pizzeria, a pub or ristorante) and he pays the bill (il conto). You can decide to go Dutch (pagare alla romana) so each will pay.

People want to look good when dating. Italian fashion is great, and can help us look our best.

If you want to buy flowers (fiori) you should know that they should be in odd numbers due to superstitious reasons. Never buy yellow flowers (especially roses) as they mean jealousy.

Italian women and girls need some time to give their hearts.

Whether you are looking to find someone special or not, these words and phrases for love and dating will get you speaking Italian fast.

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