Links to learn French: Conversations for Beginners

Links to learn French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners: Graduation Gift. Today we will share more free resources and links to learn French and other languages.

Janina likes language for travel since that’s survival, courtesy, and emergency. When learning travel for beginners, you’d learn “I’d like…” and not “I’d like to go…” When you’re getting started, it’s helpful to create your own playlist of phrases to use at a restaurant, at a store, and so on. Listen over and over again.

There are three ways to do it: an iTunes link, book with audio linked, and create your own playlist with all that linked audio. There are 190 MP3s with language and travel for beginners: greetings, ordering food, at the airport, talking about money, how to get around, language for the hotel, courtesy and emergency phrases.

This is a free resource that will bring your language to a new level. Listen as much as you can to individual words and phrases from native French speakers so that it becomes yours.

If you are wondering why there is a download file below, it is a word in French. 

We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

Get your free audio here! French for Travel and Beginners free book with linked audio. Get yours here:

One more link to help you start learning French? Here try learning some survival tasks. Get the free guide here:

Learning a new language is FUN!! Check out 20 ways to learn a language and have fun doing it:

Want to master a language in the next year? Check out the course here:

Learn other languges here:

Brazilian Portuguese for Travel and Beginners

Brazilian Portuguese for Travel and Beginners

Cantonese for Travel and Beginners

French for Travel and Beginners

German for Travel and Beginners

Greek for Travel and Beginners

Italian for Travel and Beginners

Japanese for Travel and Beginners

Spanish for Travel and Beginners

Create your own playlists to learn each task.  

Check out more resources on the blog:

French Conversations for Beginners

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