Food in French: Conversations for Beginners

Food in French: Conversations for Beginners

Food in French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners Week 1 Episode 5. Today, we will learn to shop for food in French.

Let’s talk about easy grocery shopping: going to the supermarket and asking quick questions about food:

(01:50) Supermarket conversation in French.

(02:38) How to pronounce, “And a kilo of tomatoes.”

(03:40) “Is it your turn?” “Yes, I would like lettuce and a kilo of tomatoes.”

(04:38) “Here it is. How many tomatoes?” “A kilo.” Europe uses the metric system, so weight is measured in kilos and not pounds.

(05:30) I have some garlic that just arrived. Would you like some? I have some parsley. I have some lettuce. I have a kilo of tomatoes.

(06:25) A bunch of parsley. That just arrived. It just arrived. Would you like…? Oh, no thank you. I never eat garlic. I hate that.

(07:45) A little bit of garlic never hurt anybody. A little bit of… (garlic, parsley, lettuce)… nobody, never hurt, no thank you. I would like a kilo of golden apples.

(09:15) Yummy. Grapes. Two grapefruit. Very well. Here’s everything.

(10:35) In France, some specific items are better in the small stores than the large grocery stores. Recap: parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, grapes, grapefruit.

(11:35) Fruits: Lemon, lime, banana, melon, peach, apricot, plum, pear.

(12:26) Vegetables: celery, carrot, onion, green beans, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower.

(13:00) Greetings: Hello. Is it your turn. I would like… I have… Here you are. Okay. Would you like… Thank you. I hate that. No one. No, no thank you.

(14:00) Other phrases that may be helpful: Don’t touch the merchandise. Don’t do… Don’t touch… Merchandise. We will serve you. Do you have…? 

(15:40) Discussion about the small nearby shops and how they compare to huge grocery stores.

(17:00) Until next time.

Some useful words for food in French to start with:



















We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

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