Learn speaking French: Conversations for Beginners

Learn speaking French language to navigate the train station.

Learn speaking French: Conversations for Beginners

Welcome to Everyday French Conversations for Beginners. Learn speaking French language to navigate at the train station. You can’t rely on every train station sign in France, since trains are sometimes cancelled unexpectedly at the last minute, or there are worker strikes. You need to be able to talk to others (and ask questions) to get to where you need to go.

(02:10) Conversation in French to get to the right place via train. What time the train leaves, etc.

(03:05) What time, leave. At what time does the train leave for Versailles? Let’s see…

(04:00) The 6:08 just left. Has just left. The next one. The next train. Look! Track/platform. On what track?

(05:30) See (in a formal way). A little bit further. To the right, to the left.

(06:05) Train stations, bus stations, and airports use military time (24-hour clock) in Europe. For example, 14H28 means 2:28PM. At what time? 14 hours 28 minutes. The train leaves in 8 minutes.

(07:40) Important words to know at the train station: cancelled, delayed, strike.

(09:45) How to ask someone what to do: if the train is cancelled, how to get to your destination? My train was cancelled. How might I go to Leon?

(11:50) Recap: To the right, a little bit further, over there. There are usually good restaurants near train stations.

(13:15) Next episode, we’ll learn more real life survival French in French Conversations for Beginners. See you soon.

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Some useful phrases to navigate at the train station:

        Est-ce proche ?

Is it close?

Est-ce loin ?

Is it far?

Tournez à gauche.

Turn left.

Tournez à droite.

Turn right.

Allez tout droit.

Go straight.

Pâté de maisons.




Avez-vous une carte ?

Do you have a map?

We learn languages most effectively in chunks–meaningful words and phrases to communicate right away. 

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