Daily Spanish Words: Free Travel and Beginners Book

spanish daily words

Learn Spanish words daily with this free book for travel and beginners.

Learning words and phrases to get communicating in many everyday situations is fast way to achieve confidence and fluency.

Learning language for travel is the perfect context to start a new language, whether there is a pending trip soon or not. When we travel, we need to get our basic needs met. We need to find a way around in a new place. We need to eat. We need to sleep. We need to talk to people that we don’t know. 

In addition to these situations, we might find ourselves in an emergency. We may need to speak to a doctor or find the police station. We may need to buy things or ask for things that were left at home. Even though I hope your trip will only be filled with fun, you need to be prepared to solve a problem if needed. Regardless of what language you actually need, language for travel is a perfect starting point to get you communicating to meet all of your basic needs. 

In addition to getting you ready to be able to speak to people and understand what they say, language for travel is perfect for the beginning learner because one can learn lots of vocabulary and grammar, all in context to comfortably speak to people. The context also lends itself to help make connections with all the different grammar points you need to master to learn Spanish fluently. The grammar is completely embedded in real communication. Once you see patterns and learn words and phrases, your Spanish will take off. You will start being able to make your own sentences from the words and phrases you learned in context to move from the novice range (words and phrases) to the intermediate range (creating your own phrases and sentences).

This book was written by a Spanish teacher with more than two decades of experience to include a BA in Theatre Arts and Foreign Languages and an MA in the Teaching of Languages. The audio is recorded by native speakers from Spain. You will hear them speak at a normal pace. This may be difficult to understand at first, but the bite-size files can be played over and over again until you have a deep understanding of what is said. This is how we acquire languages: by understanding. 

Spanish for Travel and Beginners is organized into communicative tasks. You will learn language for the airport, hotel, restaurants, shopping, emergencies, getting around, meeting and greeting and useful phrases as you learn words and phrases daily in Spanish. Links to the downloadable free audio is available inside the guide. I highly recommend downloading the audio and creating your own playlists to learn languages to create a completely personalized language learning experience. As you become more fluent, there will be more language to learn to use in different situations. 

Playlists. Playlists to Learn Languages

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Spanish for Travel and Beginners

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