French: Learn with Four Great Free Resources for Learners

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French: Learn with Four

Great Free Resources

Here are some great free resources to learn French. They were shared with me by a French school psychologist with twenty years of experience working with diverse learners:

FLE Video

This site has user-generated content and has videos with comprehension questions that follow. Content is organized by the European Common Framework A1 to C2 (A being novice to intermediate, B being intermediate to advanced, C being advanced to superior). You can find materials appropriate for any level. Great materials to learn French anywhere.

After a video is viewed, you can see the comprehension questions on the right. You can also see a transcript. There is so much support here for learners of French. I Love this!

French Facile Podcast

I love this one. It has dialogues that are recorded slowly (great for learners) with comprehension questions that follow. There is a lot of support for vocabulary acquisition in each section. You can even print out many of the materials.

It also has reading selections read along with the text. The dialogues are transcribed. Lots of great stuff!

French Facile

More great resources for learners of French. This is fabulous!

You can get started with a level test. There are loads of exercises and materials to learn French. Check out this site for verb conjugators, games, dictionaries, translations and pronunciation tools.

TV Monde

More great stuff. TV Monde is a major, long-standing television production company in France. The site provides free exercises and materials for learners of French.

The resources are all organized by CEFR (Common European Framework for Reference) levels. There is even a level test to get you started.

Do you know of more great free resources to learn French? Please share in the comments section below.

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