French Love: French for Dating, Talking to the Babysitter and Going Out

french love

French Love: French for Dating, Talking to the Babysitter and Going Out

A bit of French to talk about love.

My website itstitled Real Life Language because I love exploring the real bits that get you learning real language to talk to people right away.

This guide has words and phrases to talk about dating if you’re single. It also has words and phrases to talk about instructions for the babysitter if you’re a parent. There is also some French for talking about going out in general.

Audio is linked in the guide.

Learn those words and phrases to meet and get to know people, talk to the babysitter and learn language for going out for a drink. 

This guide is written for the novice-level learner of French. Speakers at the novice level need survival language. Focus on memorizing words and phrases at this stage. As you memorize and use the words and phrases in this guide, you will start to make connections. You will find that the vocabulary and grammar begin to stick, and the language you use to learn these tasks will cross over and help you learn language to have other conversations in French. Once that language starts to build up, you will find yourself creating your own phrases and sentences. This is the intermediate level and the next giant step towards ease and complete fluency in French. 

The audio is free and downloadable via the links in the book. Create your own playlists and have your own personal language tutor. Play the files as often as you need. This is how we learn languages: understanding what we read and hear.

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  1. Bonjour / Hello,
    I took French for 7 years in school and as I got older I lost interest in it. As I’m in college I really miss the language and learning the complexities of French. I’m working towards to being a fluent French speaker which is my goal.

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