Spanish for Travel: 25 Phrases for Travel and Beginners


Spanish for Travel: 25 Phrases for Travel and Beginners 

Do you want to learn Spanish for travel fast? Check out these 25 phrases all themed around Spanish for travel- the perfect context to start learning a language. When you learn a new language for travel, you learn all the vocabulary and grammar you need in context. Learn enough words and phrases, and they will start overlapping. You can then start creating your own sentences.

Pick a new theme each week, for five weeks. Try using vocabulary columns and mastering the theme for the week. After studying the list, take a piece of paper and write the words and phrases on a column in Spanish. Try to recall the English, writing the equivalents. Do this again, giving the Spanish.

I also love the Goldlist method. Copy the words and phrases as you see them in a notebook. Look them over, and see which ones you can easily recall. Make a new page with the Spanish phrases you still need to learn and their equivalents. Keep going with this and watch your skills grow.

Playlists are great to learn Spanish for travel, too. I love recording the words and phrases I need to complete a task. You can have a native record for you on a site like Rhinospike, too. 

Spanish for Travel Week One: En el aeropuerto

You need to check this bag.
Hay que facturar esta maleta.

Passport, please.
Pasaporte, por favor.

Have a good trip.
Buen viaje.

Where is…..?
¿Dónde está…?

Passport, please.
Pasaporte, por favor.

Spanish for Travel Week Two: Getting around/Transporte

Subway el metro

Train el tren

Bus el autobus

Taxi el taxi

I need to go to ___________, please.

Necesito ir a ________, por favor.

Where can I buy a ticket?

¿Dónde puedo comprar un billete?

Spanish for Travel Week Three: Paying/Pagar

cajero automático

Do you take credit cards?
¿Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito?

How much does it cost?
¿Cuánto cuesta?

credit card
tarjeta de crédito

Spanish for Travel Week Four: Make a reservation/Hacer una reserva

I’d like to make a reservation for a _________room.
Quisiera reservar una habitación, por favor.

I’d like a room for _______nights.
Quisiera una habitación para _______noches.

Is breakfast included?
¿El desayuno está incluido?

A non-smoking room, please.
Una habitación para no fumadores, por favor.

A smoking room, please.
Una habitación para fumadores, por favor.

Spanish for Travel Week Four: At a hotel/En un hotel

I would like to check in.
Quisiera registrarme.

I have a reservation.
Tengo una reserva.

What time is check out?
¿A qué hora es el check out?

It’s really hot.
Hace mucho calor.

It’s really cold.
Hace mucho frío.

Master these 25 words and phrases, and then sent out to learn more each week. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking Spanish with confidence.

Want the free guide with audio?

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