Thank you in Italian

thank you in italian

Learn “thank you” in Italian, and many more useful expressions to get started in Italian.

Excuse me. Pardon. 

Thank you. Grazie. 

You’re welcome. Benvenuto. 

One more, please. Un altro, per favore. 

Some Italian for meeting and greeting:

My name is______________. Mi chiamo… 

How are you? Come sta? 

Good. Bene. 

So- so. Così così. 

Are you all right? Stai bene? 

Where are you from? Da dove viene? 

It’s nice to meet you. Piacere di conoscerla. 

Likewise. Il piacere è mio. 

Hello. Salve. 

Good morning. Buon giorno. 

Good afternoon. Buon pomeriggio. 

Good evening. Buona sera. 

Goodbye. Arrivederci. 

I don’t understand. Non capisco. 

Do you speak English? Parla inglese? 

It was nice to see you. È stato un piacere vederla. 

What’s your name? Come si chiama? 

My name is…….. Mi chiamo…….. 

I’m sorry. Mi spiace. 

Bye Ciao 

Yes sì 

No no 

Where do you live? Dove abita? 

I live in…… Abito a ______________. 

Looking for more ways to get started in Italian? 

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Make your own playlists. Some ideas:

Below are some examples of playlists to get you through that beginning level and up into creating your own messages in Italian: 

● Meeting and greeting 

● Taking leave 

● Introducing people 

● Talking about yourself 

● Giving compliments 

● Getting around 

● At the train station 

● At the bus stop 

● In a taxi 

● Asking for directions 

● At a coffee shop 

● At a fast food restaurant 

● Getting food delivered to your house 

● Making travel reservations 

● Checking in at the airport 

● At baggage claim 

● At customs 

● At the bank 

● At currency exchange 

● At the doctor’s 

● At the hospital 

● At the emergency room 

● At the post office 

● Buying clothes 

● At the supermarket 

● At any store 

● On the telephone 

● Dating 

● Love 

● A night out 

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