Learn Japanese through Food

Learn Japanese through food

Learn Japanese through Food

Learning about foods is one of the most effective ways to learn about language and culture. 

Here are some common foods found in Japan. You will see the word written first in Romaji, and then in Japanese. 

Survival and everyday language are great ways to learn a new language. Start to learn Japanese by looking for patterns in the words you see.

Some Common Japanese Foods

shabu-shabu しゃぶしゃぶ Thinly-sliced beef cooked at the table and eaten with dipping sauces.

yakiniku 焼肉 Korean barbecue. Beef grilled at the table, eaten with spicy sauce and wrapped in lettuce leaves.


sukiyaki すき焼きJapanese beef hotpot.

teriyaki 照り焼きMeat, chicken or fish glazed with a sweet soy sauce mixture.

sushi 寿司 Cooked rice mixed with vinegar and served with seafood, meat, eggs or sweet foods.

sashimi 刺身Raw meat or fish served in thin slices.

onigiri おにぎりWhite rice often wrapped in seaweed. Other foods often found inside such as tuna, fish, or pickled plum (ume).

ramen ラーメン Hot, Chinese noodles served in broth (often soy or miso).

miso 味噌 Fermented soy paste, often used as a broth.

soba noodles そば Buckwheat noodles.

tempura 天ぷら Battered and fried vegetables and fish.

gyu-don 牛丼 Beef and rice bowl.

katsu カツ Breaded and fried cutlet (chicken or pork) and served on rice.

tonkatsu トンカツ Breaded, deep-fried cutlet.

katsu-kuri カツカレー Katsu meat, served on rice with a curry sauce.

yakitori 焼き鳥 Marinated chicken, grilled and served on a stick.

udon うどん Wheat noodles served in broth.

gyoza 餃子 Dumplings, often filled with pork.

bento 弁当 Japanese lunch box.

sake Rice wine.

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