Learn Korean: Learn Korean: 35+ Phrases for Travel and Beginners

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Learn Korean: 35+ Phrases for Travel and Beginners 

Do you want to learn Korean fast? Check out these 35+ phrases all themed around language for travel- the perfect context to start learning a language. When you learn a new language for travel, you learn all the vocabulary and grammar you need in context. Learn enough words and phrases, and they will start overlapping. You can then start creating your own sentences.

Pick a new theme each week, for five weeks. Try using vocabulary columns and mastering the theme for the week. After studying the list, take a piece of paper and write the words and phrases on a column in Korean. Try to recall the English, writing the equivalents. Do again, giving the Korean. And don’t worry yet about Korean scripts- write in Roman letters.

Learn Korean Week One: At the Airport

There is a fee for this.  이것은 요금을 내야 합니다. igeoseun yogeumeul naeya hamnida
Passport, please. 
여권 좀 보여주세요.yeokkwon jom boyeo juseyo
I would like a window seat. 
창가쪽 자리 부탁합니다. changga-jjok jari butak-hamnida
I would like an aisle seat. 
통로쪽 자리 부탁합니다. tongno-jjok jari butak-hamnida
Pass through.  이곳을 통과하세요. Igoseul tonggwa-haseyo

Learn Korean Week Two: Getting Around

Where is the ticket office? 
표 파는 곳이 어디예요?  pyo paneun gosi eodiyeyo
Where can I buy a ticket?  표는 어디서 삽니까?  pyoneun eodiseo samnikka
One ticket, please.  표 한 장 주세요.  pyo han jang juseyo
Where is the bus stop?  버스 정류장이 어디예요?  beoseu jeonnyujang-i eodiyeyo
Here, please.  여기요. Yeogiyo
Where is the closest taxi stand?  제일 가까운 택시 승차장이 어디예요?  jeil gakkaun taeksi seungchajang-i eodiyeyo
Learn Korean Week Three:    Money 

Do you take credit cards?  신용카드로 지불해도 됩니까?  sinyongkadeu-ro jibulhaedo doemnikka
What is your commission rate?  수수료는 얼마예요?  susuryoneun eolmayeyo
How much does it cost?  이거 얼마예요?  igeo eolmayeyo
What types of payment do you accept?  뭘로 지불하면 됩니까?  mwollo jubulhamyeon doemnikka
What is the rate?  비용이 얼마예요?  biyong-i eolmayeyo
Learn Korean Week Four:  At a hotel 

I would like to check in.  체크인하고 싶은데요.  chekeuin-hago sipeundeyo

I have a reservation.  
예약했어요.  yeyak-haesseoyo

I need……..  _______가 필요해요.  _____ga piryohaeyo
What time is check out? 
 몇 시에 체크 아웃해야 합니까?  myeot sie chekeu aut-haeya hamnikka

Learn Korean Week Five: Eating and Drinking 

Tea  차  Cha
Water  물  Mul
Soda  사이다  Saida
Coffee  커피  Keopi
Beer  맥주  Maekju

Cheers!  건배  Geonbae
Enjoy your meal!  맛있게 드세요!  masige deuseyo

Common Korean Foods



dolsot bibimbap





kimchi chigae




budae chigae


kimchi bokumbap


Numbers for ordering food




Get a server’s attention:

Yell yo-gi-oh (literally, over here…)

I’d like a __________, please.  
______ 좀 주세요.  
____ jom juseyo

Where is the bathroom?  
화장실이 어디예요? 
 hwajangsiri eodiyeyo

Excuse me. 

Thank you. 

You’re welcome.  
별말씀을요. Byeolmalsseumeulyo

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