Learn a New Language: The 5-Week Linguist Show

Learn a new language

Learn a new language in 5-week intervals

Do you love languages? Teach languages? Love to learn languages? Would you like to learn a new language and want to find out how to do it without spending a ton of money or time you don’t have? If so, then the 5-Week Linguist Show is for you.

Every week, there’ll be a new audio or video talking all about tips, shortcuts, and the research on how to learn any language you want from anywhere in the world, with time you already have. Learn how to turn every 5-week interval into progress towards fluency in a language.

My name is Janina Klimas. I’ve been teaching languages for more than two decades. I have a BA in Theater Arts and Foreign Languages, and an MA in the teaching of languages. I speak six languages to varying levels of fluency. I’ve lived on three continents as a language teacher. I’ve been an English instructor at Sejong University, director of their language immersion program, and taught languages to people ranging from preschool, K-12, university and language for specific purposes. I’ve taught Spanish and English for many years. I’ve continued to learn and study additional languages on my own with new activities every 5 weeks. I’ve discovered a lot of resources over the years that I share with you here.

I am so excited for you to be joining me each week here and allowing me to be a part of your journey to learn a new language.

Are you looking to learn how to set goals and measure progress? It really helps to know this when you want to learn a language. Check out the course here: https://real-life-language.teachable.com/p/measure-your-progress-and-fluency-in-any-language

Want to start learning a language? Check out the mini-courses, where you can download bite-sized files. Create your own playlists of survival language and start speaking today. http://reallifelanguage.com/reallifelanguageblog/category/podcasts/

Language Teaching The 5-Week Linguist Show

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