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Learn Languages with Yabla

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I love to learn languages with Yabla. Check out the video to see how it works.

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I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite tools for comprehension. I’ve said it over and over again and I’ll continue to say it over and over again. I listen and I read twice as much as I speak and write.

Listening is probably one of the most difficult skills to develop in a language, in my opinion. But we’ve entered an age in the world, in the development of technology where it doesn’t have to be that much of a problem because we have so much access to opportunities to listen to other languages, without the pressure of having to respond like you would in a conversation.

And I wanted to share one of my very favorite tools. I am an affiliate, for full disclosure, and a very proud affiliate. This is a fabulous tool I’ve loved for years. I’m currently working on my Italian, but I’m going to give you a quick tour of Yabla. And again, whether you’re learning Italian or not is irrelevant. It’s great if you are, if not, it is available in Chinese, French, Spanish, and German. And I think more languages are perhaps coming. So let’s just take a quick look. So I’m going to start with this drama here.

You can make it slower.

As you see, there is closed captioning, right? And you can look up the words here.

And this also is subtitled and you can turn them on, off. There it’s got some great games. So let’s look at the multiple-choice. Let’s start the game.

All right.

You fill in the missing word. Again, a great comprehension exercise. Let’s try another one.

I don’t love the fill in the blank and I’ve not tried scribe. And I would think that those come a little bit later. You can do these videos over and over again and you’ll learn something new every time.

Vocabulary Review. So they’ve given you a list of words and phrases in chunks, as we talk about in vocabulary …

And you play a game.

How cool is that?

Let’s try another one. This looks amazing.

This is deep comprehension right here in these multiple-choice questions. It’s amazing. You watch the video, you answer the questions. You learn languages by understanding messages. And look, there’s lots and lots and lots of videos in this particular series. So, we’re going to X out and you see that there’s other types of content. So, there are lectures.

All right.

And there is Italian courses. One of my favorite things that they do…

Lectures on different places. Sometimes they have a person who sort of takes you around different cities. There’s more dramas, you can learn from music. Let’s find a music video. Surely there’s one up here.

Lots of great search options, movies.

There are thousands of videos. There’s new ones every week. You can create flashcards there’s a active community, there’s lessons, you can find lessons on all sorts of great topics in whatever language you’re studying.

I’m going to leave my affiliate links for you below. This is unbelievably great bargain in my opinion. You can soak up so much authentic language and culture with this tool alone. This is great for beginners and really specifically for intermediate, it’s total immersion.


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