Learn Italian Fast: 25 Words and Phrases for Travel

learn Italian Fast

Learn Italian Fast: 25 Phrases 

for Travel and Beginners 

Do you want to learn Italian fast? Check out these 25 phrases all themed around language for travel- the perfect context to start learning a language. When you learn a new language for travel, you learn all the vocabulary and grammar you need in context. Learn enough words and phrases, and they will start overlapping. You can then start creating your own sentences.

Pick a new theme each week, for five weeks. Try using vocabulary columns and mastering the theme for the week. After studying the list, take a piece of paper and write the words and phrases on a column in Italian. Try to recall the English, writing the equivalents. Do again, giving the Italian.

I also love the Goldlist method. Copy the words and phrases as you see them in a notebook. Look them over, and see which ones you can easily recall. Make a new page with the Italian phrases you still need to learn and their equivalents. Keep going with this and watch your skills grow.

Learn Italian Fast: Meeting and Greeting

My name is______________.Mi chiamo…

How are you?

Come sta?



So- so.

Così così.

Where are you from?

Da dove viene?

It’s nice to meet you.

Piacere di conoscerla.



Learn Italian Fast: When Things Go Wrong

I have a headache.Ho mal di testa.

I have a sore throat.

Ho mal di gola.

I have an upset stomach.

Ho un’indigestione.



Where is the police station?

Dov’è il posto di polizia?

I’ve been robbed!

Sono stato derubato!

Learn Italian Fast: At a








camera doppia



I would like to check in.

Desidero fare il check-in.

I have a reservation.

Ho una prenotazione.

Learn Italian Fast: Eating and Drinking

I’d like a __________, please.Vorrei un una __________, per favore.


Cin cin!
Enjoy your meal.Buon pranzo.

Wine list, please.

Il menu dei vini, per favore.

Could I get the bill, please?

Il conto, per favore?

Can you recommend a restaurant?

Mi può consigliare un

Are there any good bars near the hotel?

Ci sono dei buoni bar vicino

Learn Italian Fast: Getting Around

One ticket, please.

Un biglietto, per cortesia.

Where is the bus stop?

Dove è la fermata dei bus?

How much does it cost to the city center?

Quanto costa un biglietto per andare
in centro città?

How much does it cost to the airport?

Quanto costa per andare all’aeroporto?

Here, please.

Qui, per cortesia.

Where is the closest taxi stand?

Dove è il posteggio dei taxi più

Where is the closest subway stop?

Dove è la fermata più vicina della metropolitana?

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