Learn French Through Real Lives on YouTube

Learn French Through Real Lives on YouTube

Learn French through real lives on Youtube.

Learning a language is not just learning grammar, vocabulary and structures. To truly learn French, you need to learn the culture as well. In addition to learning about the  history and traditions of France, you need to know how people there live today. 

The programs below are documentaries offering a glimpse of the lives of real French people, stories based on real events, or popular reality shows. They are all available on Youtube, so you can learn French language and culture from anywhere with a device and an internet connection. 

Le Jour oú tout a basculé

This program shares the stories of people who had a day that changed their life forever. It is dramatized, with actors offering testimonials about the events.

Petits secrets entre voisins

Similar to the first program in format, this show tells the stories of secrets between neighbors.

Face au doute

This program tells the stories of people faced with doubting everything they knew to be real about their lives.

Dernier recours

More drama and unusual situations in the lives of everyday people.

Les docs de votre vie

This program offers a look at real lives through themed documentaries. Meet people searching for eternal beauty, problems in families between stepfathers and daughters, and double lives.

La Vie

More opportunities to peek into the lives of real French people. Among the themes explored are obesity, large families and finding love in Russia.

Les Reines du Shopping

A show with a much lighter tone than those previously mentioned. Four women with very different lives come together in Paris for a week to shop for an event. 

J’irai dormir chez vous

In this program, the presenter travels all over the world. His goal is to get close to the people he meets and get an invitation to spend a night at their house.

These programs are binge-worthy and offer an authentic source to develop language through listening. Some even allow captions, so you can see what they are saying as well. While the auto-generated captions are not always accurate, they offer some words that can help with overall comprehension.

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