Fun Activities for Your Class from Unemployed Actors

greek theater

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Actors must audition in many cases to get a job. Oftentimes an actor must come with a prepared monologue, and/or read from a script without time to prepare. This gives directors a chance to see the range an actor can play, as well as how good a fit they are for a part.

Novice-level: Creating a reading from a poem is a great place to start. There are many wonderful poems that teach culture and language that students can memorize and perform. Students can also perform skits and dialogues from everyday situations. They will learn many new words as they revisit the poem or dialogue, making notes on what to do for each line and practicing.

Intermediate-range: Longer poems could be assigned for this level, as well as selections from films, plays and literature.

Advanced-range: At this age, students can write their own dialogues and monologues at the extended paragraph-level.

Get free materials for learning and teaching languages:

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