ALTE Can Do Statements

TweetGet updates and free materials for teaching and learning languages: ALTE Can Do Statements: The ALTE Can Do Statements are descriptions of what can be done at different levels of language proficiency and are published by the Association of Language Teachers of Europe. They are similar to Linguafolio, but organized by the 6… Read More ALTE Can Do Statements

Linguafolio Self-assessment Portfolio

TweetGet updates and free materials for learning and teaching languages: Linguafolio: Linguafolio is a list of proficiency tasks. The tasks are beautifully organized by ACTFL proficiency range and sub-level. These can be used as self-assessments for teachers and students. They can be used to develop exams, quizzes, portfolios and learning targets. These lists… Read More Linguafolio Self-assessment Portfolio

Proficiency Testing Training

TweetGet free materials and news on teaching and learning languages: CAL Rater Training Kits: Teachers can train in proficiency testing through the Center for Applied Linguistics. Candidates take a test following recorded directions and prompts. While this can’t provide the same type of adaptation specific to a learner that the full face-to-face or telephone… Read More Proficiency Testing Training


TweetGet free materials and news for teaching and learning languages: Want some concrete ways to test your own language proficiency and begin to learn to apply this in your classes? Here is a great resource to explore: ACTFL OPI: The ACTFL OPI is a spoken test taken through LTI (Language Testing International). Candidates… Read More ACTFL OPI