Learn French for Beginners

Learn French for beginners

Do you want to learn French fast? Check out these phrases all themed around language for travel- the perfect context to start learning a language.

When you learn a new language for travel, you learn all the vocabulary and grammar you need in context. Learn enough words and phrases, and they will start overlapping. You can then start creating your own sentences. This is how you transition from a beginner of French to intermediate.

Pick a new theme each week, for five weeks. Try using vocabulary columns and mastering the theme for the week. After studying the list, take a piece of paper and write the words and phrases on a column in Italian. Try to recall the English, writing the equivalents. Do again, giving the Italian.

I also love the Goldlist method. Copy the words and phrases as you see them in a notebook. Look them over, and see which ones you can easily recall. Make a new page with the Italian phrases you still need to learn and their equivalents. Keep going with this and watch your skills grow.

French for Travel Week One: At the airport

Passeport, s’il vous plaît.

Passport, please.

Je voudrais un siège côté fenêtre.

I would like a window seat.

Je voudrais un siège côté couloir.

I would like an aisle seat.


Bon voyage.

Have a good trip.


Où est/sont…?

Where is/are…. ?


French for Travel Week Two: Getting around







Tournez à gauche.

Turn left.

Tournez à droite.

Turn right.

Allez tout droit.

Go straight.

French for Travel Week Three: Paying

Acceptez-vous les cartes de crédit ?

Do you accept credit cards?

Quels types de paiement acceptez-vous ?

What types of payment do you accept?



bureau de change

currency exchange

guichet automatique


argent liquide


French for Travel Week Four: Eating and drinking

vin blanc

white wine

vin rouge

red wine


Bon appétit!

Enjoy your meal!

Je voudrais un(e) __________, s’il vous plaît.

I’d like a __________, please.

Puis-je avoir l’addition, s’il vous plaît ?

Could I get the bill, please?

French for Travel Week Five: Useful Expressions 






I’m sorry.

I need……..

J’aurai besoin de…


À bientôt.

See you later.


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