10 Online Resources for Japanese Listening Practice Online

QVC Japan

Immerse yourself in Japanese while watching their shopping channel- a fun and immersive way to get started understanding a new language.


Who says talk shows and news channels are the only platform to learn a new language? This website here proves this wrong with its exciting updated collection of songs.


Enter the kingdom of anime and learn some Japanese.


The leading radio station of Japan. Following this, you will never miss any updates about the world.


This website is more geared  towards j-pop, and  covers variety of rock, metal and folk music.


This website will tell you information that can protect your life and learn Japanese.


Whatever your level, there will probably be a lot of words and terms that you can’t pick up here. Exposure to this kind of rapid speech will benefit your pronunciation and get you used to the sounds of Japanese.


The standard of spoken language of anchors and reporters.


A fully licensed non-profit internet broadcaster in the U.S. with the purpose of promoting traditional Japanese music and culture.


A diverse collection of Japanese talk radio broadcasters and programs.

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