Learn Spanish Online: 10 Online Resources for Spanish Listening Practice Online


Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish online through total immersion. The internet has made it possible for us to connect to authentic Spanish language and culture from all over the world. Immerse yourself in real Spanish with these online resources.

Spanish Listening Practice


It started off as mainly a music network with various programs, but later changed a bit and adopted more of a talk-oriented format. Now they have several shows which are a great source to learn Spanish.


Radio Flamenco plays flamenco music, presentations on artists and advertisements, providing a great resource to learn authentic Spanish. 


It is mainly a news network, with news reports every 30 minutes. 


News, entertainment, sports and culture. 


Listen and learn Spanish authentic Spanish. 


Broadcasting out of Mexico City, Radio Educación is known for producing high-quality Spanish language educational and informational programming. The station places a focus on highlighting aspects of Mexican culture, with a particular emphasis on the creative arts.


With a strong focus on the Jewish faith and political events in Israel, radio Jai broadcasts general interest programming and information services, with special guest speakers including politicians, musicians, actors and religious figures.


Primarily news and talk shows. The format allows listeners to call in. Ideal for language learners wanting to hear everyday Colombian Spanish.


In terms of its actual broadcasting, Radio 3 plays a variety of music, focusing heavily on rock and hip hop with Spanish folk, jazz and flamenco. Also covers topics like film and literature. Transmits radio drama shows on occasion, giving listeners great variety

The official, state-operated radio station of Paraguay, which broadcasts news, information, music and talk shows, covering a broad range of different topics throughout the day.

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