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Japan is easily the most fascinating countries in the world. My five years there were some of the most interesting of my life. Transportation is extremely efficient. There are onsen (natural hot springs) all over the country. You can soak in a public onsen, or in a private sessions at your traditional inn. The food- both traditional and foreign- is unforgettable. The temples and natural beauty make the country a must-see for many.

Japanese is a very difficult language to learn for English speakers, but by no means impossible. Whether you are interested in getting ready for a military assignment there, a short trip, want more access to the unique products and practices of the Japanese or have long term plans to master Japanese, learning the language will open up entirely new worlds to you. Here are ten free websites to help you learn Japanese:



If you want to learn the Japanese language (or “Nihongo” as it’s called in Japanese) online, you’ve come to    the right place! 



Good course to start off with. It’s easy to use and excellent if you’re a visual or auditory learner.



Here you are offered busuu top features are mini tests, writing exercises and offline mode.



FluentU is unique because it offers subtitled videos, audio files, course playlists and written articles on every language topic imaginable. 



The website is a great place to start to learn about Japanese culture as well as beginner language skills.



Rosetta Stone is one of the few online courses for individual learning that monitors and helps you improve your accent and intonation.



NHK’s online Japanese course was created by native Japanese speakers for learners of the Japanese language.



This website is great for you if you do want a real, physical teacher who can Skype with you and help you learn Japanese at your own pace.




As the first installment in Japanese-Online Japanese lessons, you begin by covering the foundations speaking and reading Japanese, such as the basics of Hiragana ,Katakana and Kanji.





Learn the basics of Japanese with free courses from Alison. Begin introduction to written and spoken language and dive right in to more advanced topics.

Free Japanese for Travel and Beginners Book

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