10 Free Korean Resources

Korean is a hard language to learn. Having said that, the people are incredibly kind, helpful and generous to anyone who wants to learn.

Not planning a trip to Seoul anytime soon? Work with a tutor in italki to get speaking quickly and confidently. Invest your downtime in these ten free courses and make fast progress.

Rocket Language

Whatever your reasons for learning Korean, this free Korean learning resource is here to help. You master some essential words and phrases, and understand how Korean works.


While Memrise isn’t exclusively a Korean study site, it has a ton of Korean sections from which to choose. If you’re an absolute beginner who still needs to learn Hangul, head here to begin learning pronunciation.


While many of its resources require a paid plan, this site has a ton of free material to begin learning basic vocabulary and even phrases. One fun feature is its vocabulary lists, which are often updated for the holidays.


FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. It’s excellent for beginners through advanced learners.

Dom & Hyo

This site is best for beginners who want to learn with colorful illustrations. Dom is an ESL teacher in Korea and an active student. His wife, Hyo, is a native Korean who can double-check his work, so you know you’re getting accurate graphics.

Korean Quick

For those who crave a bit more of an academic setting, I’d recommend the Cyber University of Korea’s own free online course, “Quick Korean.” While I wouldn’t recommend it for an absolute beginner, if you’re at a stage where you want to move beyond basic vocabulary words, this is for you.

Talk to me in Korean

Easily one of the most popular online Korean resources, Talk to Me in Korean is an awesome program with native Korean speakers who really understand how to break down more difficult grammar points.

Study Korean

This site is an excellent resource for those who prefer more reading and writing versus listening. It’s thoroughly organized into units. With each lesson, they introduce you to new vocabulary before thoroughly explaining a grammar point. They then provide multiple sample sentences for every situation to help you practice it.


Korean is definitely for the more advanced learner as it bases its lessons off of realia material like newspapers or television shows to really ensure fluency. This is also great if you want more serious reading to test your comprehension.

Naver & Daum Blogs

Webtoons are an incredibly popular form of entertainment in Korea for all ages. If you prefer something more lighthearted, start scrolling through the hundreds of webtoons available on Korea’s two main search platforms, Naver and Daum.

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