The 5-Week Linguist: Italian on my Phone

Each five weeks, I focus on a different set of materials and focus for learning languages. I do this for several reasons. First of all, if you do anything over and over again, you’ll get bored silly, and you’ll stop. If you stop, you won’t make progress and improve.

Learning a language takes time. You won’t do it in just a few weeks. You also have other things in your life that need your attention, as well as other goals you would like to achieve. I find that my telephone is a great way to integrate language learning into other activities in my life that I love.

My five weeks really only have a few simple rules. First of all, my study needs fit easily into my life. This is what most often drives what I choose to do. Two, I have to have fun, and I have to be able to enjoy it. Three, in an ideal word, I’m accomplishing a goal through my language studies in addition to improving my language skills at the same time.

For five weeks, I chose to focus on Italian on my phone. Duolingo has made some big changes. I always find it fun and addictive. The lessons are short and rewarding, and they do a great job of teaching a lot of grammar points in context.

I also focused on reviewing audio courses on my phone. I absolutely love the Audible app. I love books, and I love learning, but the reality is, when I’m focusing on my own goals, I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read a book, as much as I enjoy it. I get a lot of my information from my phone, and the Audible app has been fantastic for that. I can listen to books while I commute, while I’m out for a walk, while I’m cleaning or while I’m shopping. Basically, it lets me learn languages and read great books anywhere.

During this five weeks, I also listened to Short Stories in Italian by Olly Richards. It’s a great find. The stories present lots of high-frequently vocabulary, and they also give a great summary at the end. Listen to them over and over, and hear yourself understanding more and more Italian quickly through a high-interest story.

Below, you’ll find my recordings for this five weeks. You can hear my progress. A word of caution- the content is NOT particularly interesting. I share these recordings because they are a great way to document your fluency, as well as a great tool for building it. Doing this each week keeps me accountable. I’m feeling more comfortable and more fluent, and I’m looking forward to checking in again in five weeks.

Here are some more resources to learn any language on your phone:

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