Recording for Fluency

There are a lot of challenges in learning a foreign language. It can be easy to forget vocabulary and make mistakes, which can make it very difficult to communicate. However, you need to make those mistakes to reach fluency. One activity I like to do is recording for fluency.

You can record for fluency in a group setting and/or on your own. The group setting has the obvious benefit of creating access to people to speak to in the target language. Recording on your own offers another opportunity to speak and get through those inevitable mistakes without feeling embarrassed in front of others. It also gives you more practice, since you would be the only one speaking.

In either case, I like to set a topic and time. This is short when I am getting started and longer as proficiency levels increase. The only three critical things to do is to record on a regular basis, be sure to say the date and speak only in the target language.

There are many tools out there. I like to use Voice Memos on my phone when I am out. When I am in one place, I like Vocaroo and my own recorder. On Vocaroo, you can record and embed messages made on their service, but they tend to expire after a few months.

There are new apps and services released all the time as well to make recording easy and accessible. Whatever tool you use, just be sure to record regularly. You will be amazed at the progress you note.

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