Language Learning Inspiration for the New Year

Are you looking for some inspiration for your language studies this year? Check out these seven people who share online their expertise and experience in learning multiple languages.

Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis runs the most-read language learning blog in the world, Fluent in Three Months. Benny was monolingual even after living in Spain for six months. He decided to scrap all the traditional methods he had been taught and come up with his own way. He’s now fluent in at least seven languages, and conversational in many others. He has lots of guests posting on his blog, and as well as his own expertise. You can visit Fin3Mo to get perspectives on language learning several times a week.

Ellen Jovin

Ellen is a smart Harvard grad who loves languages. She lives in New York and treats the city as her own personal language lab, combining her passion for languages with other things. For example, she goes on long walks in Central Park while studying a language with courses like Pimsleur. She applies what she learns at the grocery stores and restaurants run and frequented by speakers of the hundreds of languages that are spoken all over New York City. I think she’s done a brilliant job of sharing how to get languages in your life no matter where you are int he world.

Olly Richards

Olly has a great site and podcast called I Will Teach You A Language. He was monolingual until heading abroad and started studying languages. He’s now doing an MA linguistics, and has a great deal of practical experience from learning numerous languages to fluency to share. His podcast hosts other experts as well, so you gets lots of perspectives on learning new languages.

Alex Rawlings

Another polyglot with a website who shares lots of interesting tips, strategies and stories in his journeys. Rawlings is also the author of How to Speak Any Language Fluently

Lindsay Does Languages Lindsay shares practical tips for independent language learners. Her advice and delivery is practical and fun.

Gabriel Wyner

Gabe is a bestselling author of Fluent Forever. Gabe also speaks numerous languages well. He’s a huge fan of immersion and decided to create his own immersive experiences using Anki flash cards. Which he details in Fluent Forever. Since that time he’s been working on an app to make creating personalized study and cards super easy.

Stephen Krashen

If you’re learning languages, please check out Krashen’s site. Stephen Krashen is, in my opinion, the most respected researcher in second language acquisition out there. Krashen studied German in Austria. He has been a professor at UCLA for many years. Stephen has many theories about language acquisition. They are all very practical and very difficult to refute. His theories and the way he presents them are concise, easy to understand, and easy to apply. He has a huge following, and shares a lot of his work online. A lot of the activities, tips and strategies that you hear many of these other polyglots talking about are really the application of Krashen’s theories.

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