Thai for Travel and Beginners

My last five week stint for 2018 is not in French at all, but rather in Thai. I have a trip to Thailand at the end of the year. If we’re honest, many people who are touring many places in the world don’t have to learn the local language, because the locals have done a great job of learning English. With that said, I think that travel is a great context in which to learn and practice languages. I also find that people are so helpful and appreciative of the efforts to speak their language. it makes the whole experience so much more rewarding.

Think about it. Travel is all about enriching yourself, so learning a language fits the bill perfectly. You also need to get your needs met. These needs provide a great context for language. Greeting people, learning how to use expressions of courtesy, ordering food and getting around are great places to start learning to communicate in a new language.

Thai is a difficult language for English speakers. It’s tonal, we don’t share a writing system. I’m certainly not expecting perfection, but each five weeks I’m studying a different theme. I am sharing the link to Apple podcasts, and will be also publishing these playlists to Youtube each week.

There’s also a freebie I wanted to offer you about using survival language for travel, to get started. Whether you plan on traveling any time soon or not, it’s a great context. All the vocabulary and grammar that you need is going to be served up in a meaningful, communicative context, and that’s what makes language stick. I look forward to catching up with all of you in 2019. Happy New Year!

I have organized these into playlists by theme as well on Youtube.

Learn a Language for Your Trip in the Next Five Weeks

Survival Language Checklist

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