10 Sites to Find Study Abroad Language Experiences

Total immersion is one the fastest and most effective ways to learn a language. Being in the target language country, learning new language completely in context and only speaking the target language build skills fast. Most foreign language majors spend a period of time studying abroad. However, being able to pack up and live in a new country for months at a time is not a realistic option for a lot of people. You can still have that immersive experience if you did not have it in college. These schools offer short term options to study abroad. They often offer courses for a few hours in the morning, giving students the afternoons and evenings free to sightsee and talk to the locals. Many schools help students find accommodation, doing all the hard work for you. You could consider a period of study instead of a more traditional vacation. If time allows, consider a longer period. Many of these schools offer a lot of flexibility with enrolment. Check out these sites to find the perfect option for you:

Go Abroad


Learning a second language is essential in today’s global marketplace. If you plan on making a career in any area of the international sector—be it in business, education, policy, hospitality, or any other avenue. Go Abroad will help you channel your passion and will also drastically improve the quality of your work and the enjoyment you take in everyday communication.



The right college can give you everything you need to build a sophisticated knowledge of both the language you want to learn and the culture associated with it from the ground up. Experienced teachers, motivated classmates and piles of easy-to-access resources are all in one place!

Cactus Language


Planning a language course abroad trip is exciting and fun, but it is important that the stay is well-organized and meets your learning objectives to be successful. For that it’s often helpful to have advice and recommendations from professionals with first-hand experience of your chosen destination and school. 



Here intensive German language courses, you quickly and systematically learn sentence structure, syntax, and German vocabulary through conversation, listening exercises, dictation, dialog, grammar and much more.



In this Department of German, the website let you enroll in courses for immigrants and foreign nationals wishing to learn German. The primary goal of these courses is to aid integration through a better command of the language. 


Hannover offers general german classes for any level from A1 to B2. These classes cover all four aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Language Course


You can find the best English school at the best price here. Quality comparison, reviews and special offers on adult group courses for learning English in London.

Short Courses Portal


Discover thousands of (including language) courses worldwide.

Learn and Live


LSI has an extensive network of schools located around the world. You can learn English in one of their schools in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Language Courses Abroad

See the world, experience a new culture, make friends from 100 countries – and prepare for your global future. Start any Monday and study from two weeks to a whole year.

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