Graduation Gift Three

Last week, we discussed building up relevant vocabulary to get you started right away. Chunking vocabulary focused on communication, phrasebooks and making your own playlists. We’ll expand on that theme with more conversations for beginners.

This is called French for Dating: Going Out and Talking to the Babysitter. Whether or not you’re doing to use your language for dating or talking to the babysitter, the language is chunked in a relevant way.

French for Dating, Going Out and Talking to the Babysitter:

This method of creating the playlists helped Janina to get started with Japanese. There’s also a book that’s connected to the audio on the blog. You can go to the iTunes link to check out the words and phrases, or opt-in to download the book with the English and French translations with linked audio. There’s also a guide to creating your own playlists for learning languages.

We wish you great success when learning more words and phrases for going out, talking to the babysitter, and dating.

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French Conversations for Beginners Graduation Gift 3 French for Dating #learnfrench #speakfrench
French Conversations for Beginners Graduation Gift 3 French for Dating #learnfrench #speakfrench


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