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Do you want to transform your time on your own into language learning time? Here are some tools to help sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge of French. While the links are from my Amazon Associates, they are only recommendations of tools and resources I believe in and have used myself.

Grammar and Vocabulary

This great cheat sheet helps summarize frequently used verb tenses, grammar and structures.

Sharpen your command of grammar, structures and vocabulary.

Audio Programs

Transform your time walking, cleaning, doing errands and commuting into language learning time.


Vital for any language learner.

Fun Apps and Programs

Two resources I love. Flash Sticks are a great tool for learning vocabulary and pronunciation. Stick them all over the place to start creating your immersive language experience. Flash Academy- the app that comes with Flash Sticks- has great exercises, tutorials, flash cards and games. It even has a visual object translator!

Instant Immersion is a long term favorite of mine. I have never used Rosetta Stone, but I have heard this product compared to it. It is addictive, immersive, effective fun language learning. It is hours and hours of content with three levels. I have this program in five languages and love it.


Phrasebooks are an excellent way to get communicating in a language early, often and with confidence. I think phrasebooks are one of the best tools a beginner can get their hands on. Check out these great phrasebooks:

Want to learn to make your own phrasebooks? Check out this tutorial:

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