Week Five Episode Two

Week Five Episode Two

We’ll talk about learning languages online. Guest Justine is from France, is French, and has been teaching languages for 12 years, online for the last 3 years.

She teaches on a site called Italki.com. Teachers list their skills and time availablility. A student looking for a French teacher who’s comfortable with English can locate that teacher and find a time that works for both schedules. It’s an amazing opportunity for people to learn languages (from a native speaker of that language) from any location. You get their input and also get to practice.

(02:35) You can also go to a French speaking country and take a language class there. You have school for a few hours and the rest of the time to practice. Today, we’ll learn about French for the classroom. Janina will ask Justine some French that is used in the classroom.

(03:15) How to say “sit down” to one person or to a group. The class begins… Don’t read… I can’t hear you. I don’t understand you. Listen to the sentence.

(05:00) What does that word mean? Translate, in the command form. Tell me your name. The formal form of that. I don’t know.

(06:00) Open your book, please. (Formal and informal.) Answer in French. Repeat after me. Repeat one more time.

(07:00) How do you say… My name is…

(07:55) Close the door. Take out a piece of paper. How to ask for a dictionary. How to ask the teacher for a piece of paper or a pencil.

(09:15) Justine lists a few more words and expressions that would be useful in a classroom. Come to the chalkboard. Pencil sharpener.

(11:00) How to ask for permission to use the toilet. There are three ways to ask a question: the very polite way, the normal way and the “raised voice” way.

Italki is a great way to connect with language teachers. If you try Italki through our link and you like it, we’ll get 10 dollars for our student wallet. You can then refer others who want to learn languages to Italki and that grows your student wallet to purchase more tutoring.

Justine’s profile on Italki

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French Conversations for Beginners week five episode two french for school #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench
French Conversations for Beginners week five episode two french for school #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench


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