Week Four Episode Four


Week Four Episode Four

In today’s lesson, we’re at a restaurant. There are chickens just outside. Joël’s mother who lives next door wants eggs and for the chickens to eat some of the garbage. Joël was a sommelier for 18 years, which is basically who chooses the wine list, suppliers, pours the wine and helps a customer choose which wine to order.

(02:25) Dialogue in French.

(02:55) Breaking down the conversation: how to say sommelier, have you chosen. Good evening, Mister. (However, Timothy is 10 and is too young to order wine.) We would like Orangina for the young man, and a half (type of wine) for me. “It’s perfect. Oh good.” Our dinner is going good. “By the way, have you already eaten at the (restaurant)?” Yes, I ate lunch there one time.

(05:50) Two years ago (say the phrase then the time). A week ago… a month ago… two months ago… It’s an awesome restaurant but really expensive. Pierre said, “Too expensive, really.” I’ve never eaten there. One day, perhaps.

(06:50) To choose… we want (or, we would like). To want (verb). By the way. Really. Once. Some day (or one day). Top (as in “too much”). Really (or “so” expensive). Seems or appears to be (verb). To eat. I ate. I ate there. Ago. Two years ago. Wonderful, or great. Already. To have lunch. Never. A half. A bottle.

(08:25) Joël names some top restaurants to visit in Paris. He also shares a tip: find the wine bars that have organic wines because they’ll probably take great care of the food, too. Many of the great restaurants you’ll find are around the corner from the usual tourist locations and not right in front.

(11:15) If you go to a wine bar, ask the sommelier or owner of the wine bar to get some good wine suggestions. Ask for something light bodied or fuller.

(12:20) Listing a few popular red wines and a few whites. Discussion about foie gras which is banned in California due to animal cruelty but is still available in France.

We hoped you learned about wine and will see you next time.

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French Conversations for Beginners Week Four Episode Four ordering wine in french #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench
French Conversations for Beginners Week Four Episode Four ordering wine in french #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench


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