Week Three Episode Three


Week Three Episode Three

Today’s scenario involves a locksmith. In Paris, a locksmith costs about 75 euros. In Saint Étienne it would cost about 100 euros.

(02:15) Chit-chat (in English) about locksmiths and personal stories about being locked out.

(04:45) Setting up the discussion. Communicating in a new language over the phone is more difficult than in-person because you can’t use body language or gesture with your hands to get the point across.

(05:38) French conversation: calling the locksmith.

(06:55) Recap. “Hold on, please. We will take care of your call. Hello? I’m listening to you.” I left my key in my house. I can’t go back in and I need a locksmith. “Your address, please?”

(09:05) It’s Number 42 70th Street. My apartment’s on the fourth floor. First door on the right. (He asks her name.) She doesn’t answer, meaning, “Hold on.”

(09:50) “Okay, we are sending you a car. They’ll be around in about 45 minutes.” How much will it be? “It will be 60 euros.”

(10:35) There are two ways to write “key” but they’re both said the same way. Foot. Locksmith. Busy. Answering machine. Travel time. Labor. Around/about (when talking about time).

(11:31) Your name. First door on the right. Your address? I left. My house. I can’t go back in. I need a locksmith. My apartment. Is on the fourth floor.

(12:18) Hold on. We’re sending a car that will be there in 45 minutes. That will be… Hello (on the phone). Please.

We hope you enjoyed learning about practical language that can be used for any phone conversation, and not just finding a locksmith. For more resources on learning and teaching languages,visit reallifelanguage.com/reallifelanguageblog. If you enjoyed our episode, subscribe and leave a rating. See you soon.

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French Conversations for Beginners week three episode three getting a locksmith in france #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench
French Conversations for Beginners week three episode three getting a locksmith in france #learnfrench #learntospeakfrench


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