Week Three Episode One


Week Three Episode One

Travelers need to know the minimum language required to check into a hotel. You can survive if you without French, but you’ll get a different level of service if you can speak the language.

(01:30) Conversation in French, checking into a hotel.

(02:20) Recap: “Alright, then. We’re in front of your hotel.” How much is it? “It’s on the meter. Five euros.” Here you are, sir. “Thank you, madam.” Speaking with the receptionist: Do you have a reservation for me?” Oh yeah. I have a room for you with a bathroom on the third floor. “Is it a quiet room?” Oh yeah. Very quiet. Will you have breakfast? “Yes please. At 7:30.” All right, Jean, take the lady to number 34.

(04:10) Let’s break down the language. If you worked at a hotel and someone shows up, you’d greet someone. Every room has a bathroom (toilet) nowadays. In France, the toilet and the bathroom are two different things.

(05:40) In America, what we would call the first floor is called the ground floor. What Americans would call the second floor is the first floor overseas. Second floor, third floor.

(06:08) In hotels, you might discuss single bed and double bed rooms, as well as a suite (bedroom plus living room). Breakfast is typically not included in hotels and must be ordered. Ordering breakfast is discussed.

(07:00) A typical French breakfast at a hotel: croissant, orange juice, baguette, sliced bread (toast), butter, jam, fruits, cereal.

(08:00) To find a good hotel room in France, use Booking.com or Michelin Guide. Find good places to stay, eat, and find petrol. Michelin Guide ranks the best restaurants and rates with three stars maximum. They have 24 editions around the world and have guides for Tokyo, San Francisco, and many other cities.

(12:00) Verify that you get phone, internet, and a toilet in your room. Don’t ask, “Does it have a bathroom?” Since bathroom only means the place where you bathe. Ask for a toilet and make sure it is your own or shared with someone else.

(12:50) Hotel options. Country house: self-catering or bed-and-breakfast. Chateau is a very nice castle.

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