Week Two Episode Three

Week Two Episode Three

Today we’ll talk about getting a ride. It’s common to walk around in France or use the train if you don’t want to walk. If you didn’t want to drive or take public transportation, you could call a taxi, wait in the taxi queue, or use Uber in France for them to pick you up.

(02:00) Discussion in French with the taxi driver.

(02:50) Breaking the dialogue down. “Yes, yes, I’m the taxi driver.” Excuse me, what is your name? Oh, Joël, Joël. Are you French? “Yes, I am.” Oh, excuse me, I don’t understand. I don’t speak French. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I don’t speak English.”

(04:25) Discussion about Joelle’s family and where they are from. In the United States, people only use their origins to describe themselves jokingly, but in France, this is a serious statement. People from Britain, Normandy, Corsicans.

(06:40) How to say, “I’m French” or “I’m American.” I am English, I am Chinese. The masculine forms are used to talk about languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish.

(08:30) Meeting and greeting people. I am. To be. You are, formal and informal. That’s right. Driver. Taxi driver. New. No. French. English. Not. I speak… I don’t speak… Nothing.

(11:30) The command to stop. Drop me off here. Keep going. Turn. Turn left. Turn right.

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