Episode 3

French Conversations for Beginners Episode 3: More language for getting around

Welcome back to French Conversations for Beginners. We’ll talk about getting around so that you don’t get lost. You can’t always count on Google Maps. You might not have cellphone data (or a charged battery) when traveling.

(02:30) Meeting/greeting and getting around. “Well, hello, ma’am. How are you this morning?” “Very well, thank you. And you?” “It’s going well.”

(04:30) “Excuse me, but where is the taxi stand?”

(06:20) “To the right. Do you see? It’s next to the cafÈ.” (Or to the right, or to the left, or next to is explained.) “It’s over there.” “Oh, yes. I see. Thank you very much.”

(07:30) More words and phrases: well (polite opener or filler), how, how’s it going, this morning, very well, thank you, thank you very much, and, everything’s good, excuse me, where, is, taxi stand. To the right, to the left, next to, there.

(08:55) Using “it” in two different ways: masculine and feminine. Straight ahead, not far, close to here.

(11:00) How do you deal with address blocks, as in “two blocks away?” First traffic light, second light. Telling someone to turn right at the first light. Turn right at the second light. Turn left at the first light, turn left at the second light.

(12:25) How to tell someone “stop” or “there you are.” After the first roundabout. Crosswalks. Cross the street.

(14:30) Future lessons will deal with taxi drivers and taking the subway.

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