Week One Episode One


In this episode, you will learn to:

*meet and greet in French
*understand the difference between formal and informal meeting and greetings
*meet and greet in a culturally appropriate way

[00:01] Welcome and introduction.

[00:20] Differences between formal and informal meetings.

[01:08] Formal meet and greet practice.

[01:48] Translation and explanation of the formal meet and greet practice.

[03:50] Appropriate times and settings for the customary cheek kiss.

[05:00] Informal greetings and who to greet with them.

[06:35] Practice informal greeting to someone you already know.

[07:40] Practice greetings for meeting someone for the first time in an informal setting.

[09:25] French cultural customs and faux pas during greetings.

[12:35] Essential greetings used in this episode, translated from English to French.

Janina Klimas, a multilingual language teacher, and her French partner, Joël, practice and translates basic French greetings for formal and informal settings.

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