Vocabulary Columns

Want a fantastic way to learn vocabulary? Check this out…


Write down the words and phrases you want to learn. Be sure to do this in columns, and not rows. The example below is one I did in French for family vocabulary:



Now, look up the words you want to learn. You can also use this with any new vocabulary set in the target language to test yourself.



Now, fold the paper back to cover the first column. Test yourself to see what you know.



Fill in the columns. Each time you are recognizing the new language (easier first) and learning the words in the target language (more challenging). You will find the gaps in your knowledge as you do this. Review what you couldn’t remember and then move on in the columns. Have the checked by a native. This was from an earlier stage of my French. I had mine checked by a native French speaker and learned that I had spelled the word for niece incorrectly. I fixed it in the next column.

Do until you have mastered the set. It really works!



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